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Behavior Change Communication (BCC) Advisor

The mission of Global Communities (formerly CHF International) is to create long-lasting, positive and community-led change that improves the lives and livelihoods of vulnerable people across the globe

Global Communities seeks an experienced Behavior Change Communication (BCC) Advisor for an anticipated USAID-funded rural sanitation project in Rwanda. The objectives of the project include working with the Government of Rwanda to improve access to, and encourage correct and consistent use of, household sanitation and hygiene facilities in order to decrease childhood stunting. The project will utilize private-sector-driven household sanitation and hygiene interventions and incorporate capacity building at the district and national levels.


The Behavior Change Communication (BCC) Advisor will be primarily responsible for
implementing, managing, and evaluating the effectiveness of WASH BCC activities. The
advisor will be accountable for designing approaches, identifying best practices, and
documenting results and lessons learned. S/he will also be responsible for developing
advocacy plans and tools to strengthen the policy environment for sanitation at the central
and decentralized level, building the capacity of central and decentralized GOR personnel in
WASH, and providing BCC inputs to sector strategic plans. The following qualifications
apply to this key personnel position:


• Master’s Degree in public health, engineering, business, or a related field isrequired.
• Extensive public health experience, including engagement of governmentcounterparts in coordination, planning, and monitoring is required; ten years ofexperience is highly desired.
• Demonstrated understanding of behavior change strategies, includingexperience related to research, strategy development, and implementation is required.
• Demonstrated understanding of WASH behavior change methodologies ishighly desired.
Rwandan citizens are strongly encouraged to apply for this position. Please apply by sending your CV and cover letter to the email address listed below

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