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Ukraine war: ’Russia using nuclear plant as cover to shell us

By Imirasire On:5 August

According to reports to the BBC, Russian soldiers are exploiting the location of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in Ukraine to launch rocket assaults against civilians.

A local businessman informed us, "Every morning we wake up and discover that they have hit solely private homes."
Nearby Ukrainian-held territory, the Zaporizhzhia facility and its surroundings are under Russian control.
Concerned about Russia’s strategies there, Western diplomats have raised the alarm.
Along the eastern bank of the Dnipro River, in the southeast of Ukraine, is where you’ll find the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Currently, it is still being run by Ukrainian workers under Russian management.

It houses radioactive waste and has six pressurized water reactors.
The UK defense ministry reported that Russia was utilizing the region to launch operations, taking advantage of the nuclear power plant’s "protected status" to lower the risk of overnight attacks from Ukrainian forces.

This Monday, Rafael Grossi, the head of the UN’s nuclear agency, issued a warning that the plant was "totally out of control."

Any mishap at the power plant could have grave repercussions.

Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant appears to be on fire following shelling.

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